How fast can you get back to work or sport following knee replacement? 301

How about sports? We see many active patients who are not convinced a joint replacement will help them return to their game. German researchers see the same type patients. In a study, the doctors from the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf echoed what we see here (5): “An increasing number of physically active patients not only

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301 How accurate are MRI scans of the knee?

MRI does see cartilage changes An MRI does see changes to the knee over time. A September 2022 paper (7) investigated the accuracy of MRI in identifying knee cartilage changes over time. The researchers looked at seven previously published studies of 1091 subjects, 355 were males. The results of all the studies, except one, indicated

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301 Pain after spinal fusion may be from post-surgical muscle damage

Many people have successful spinal surgery. Some do not. There are many reasons why someone will have a failed spinal surgery. One reason among the many causes can be the muscle damage caused by the fusion surgery itself. Back muscle degeneration in lumbar fusion patients A team of surgeons published a paper (1) examining the

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301 Glenohumeral arthroscopic shoulder surgery

Many people come into our office with a history of failed shoulder surgeries. Some will be in our office because they are exploring options to the “final” surgical recommendation, a total shoulder replacement. For some, with the history of failed surgery, they have obvious concerns. Being a failed should surgery patient myself, I would have

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Injections for Rotator cuff tendinitis – 301 – 4

I want to focus this article on recent research surrounding the use of Platelet Rich Plasma injections into the shoulder to repair tendon damage. The concept behind the treatment is that these growth factors will facilitate a repair. A September 2021 Editorial in the journal Arthroscopy (3) offers this opinion of the effectiveness of PRP

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301 Stem Cell Therapy for sciatica like symptoms

There is a difference between a “true” sciatica and the phenomena of “pseudo sciatica,” or “fake sciatica.” If you have been diagnosed with sciatica you may have been one of the people where it took some time and a lot of tests and examinations to confirm that in fact you had sciatica or you did

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