Rotator cuff tear injections

We often receive emails from people looking at their rotator cuff pain and tear treatment options. The emails we get center around the possible avoidance of rotator cuff surgery with regenerative medicine injection options. These options can include stem cell therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or PRP. There is some new research I will

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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy For Frozen shoulder – Adhesive capsulitis

Clinically we have seen many patients with various and diverse shoulder problems. One such problem is the problem of frozen shoulder. People with frozen shoulder are typically someone who had a shoulder injury or surgery that required immobilization or someone who suffers from diabetes. As we are dealing with treatments surrounding musculoskeletal repair, we will

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Glenohumeral arthroscopic shoulder surgery

Many people come into our office with a history of failed shoulder surgeries. Some will be in our office because they are exploring options to the “final” surgical recommendation, a total shoulder replacement. For some, with the history of failed surgery, they have obvious concerns. Being a failed should surgery patient myself, I would have

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Injections for Rotator cuff tendinitis

I want to focus this article on recent research surrounding the use of Platelet Rich Plasma injections into the shoulder to repair tendon damage. In a July 2021 study (1) , study researchers wrote: “Rotator cuff tendinitis has been treated using various methods including physiotherapy, steroid injections and recently platelet rich plasma (PRP). Most of

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Injections for a painful golf shoulder

If you are like many golfers, sometimes you will continue to play golf with shoulder pain and finally seek medical attention when a) they can no longer play without pain, or b) when they can no longer drive through the ball at a velocity that they are accustomed to and the frustration of added strokes

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Tennis shoulder treatments

Most people with shoulder pain directly attributed to tennis will suggest that it was “this one serve,” or “this one return serve,” that was the point of their injury. Then after further talking they will reveal that their shoulder has actually been the cuase of on and off discomfort for some time at that this

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Does a shoulder labrum tear require surgery?

When faced with a diagnosis of labral tear or SLAP tear, younger athletes or athletic individuals will usually weigh treatment options based on getting back to sport, or for some, work the quickest. If surgery gets them back the fastest, then many will favor the surgery despite research that suggests outcomes may not be what

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