301 Can I golf with a meniscus tear1

I have written a few articles on this website on the subject of meniscus tears. In this article I want to more focus on the golfer and his/her meniscus tear. There is not much by way of research specific to meniscus tears in golfers. Most of the literature surrounding the knee in golfers relates to

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301 Prolotherapy treatments for knee osteoarthritis patients

Prolotherapy compared to Hyaluronic injections In a September 2022 study (1), researchers compared the effectiveness of dextrose Prolotherapy injections to hyaluronic acid injections in knee osteoarthritis patients. The researchers noted that while intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections are recommended in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis dextrose prolotherapy has been reported as effective and safe. The aim

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Knee replacement complications and post-surgical pain

A November 2022 study (1) examined whether patients who had a previous knee arthroscopic surgery  will have a higher complication rate if they move onto to total knee replacement. The study authors speculated that “Our hypothesis was that a prior knee arthroscopy may be detrimental to the outcomes of knee arthroplasty in the future.” In

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301 Injections and other non-surgical treatments for hip osteoarthritis

Typically before someone diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis is recommended to surgery, they will be offered various injections that may help them delay or prolong the need for the replacement surgery. The reasons for delaying hip replacements are many. You have to work, you are a primary caregiver, you are waiting until you retire, you simply

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301 Barre-Lieou Syndrome

Barre-Lieou Syndrome is an often confusing, misdiagnosed and misunderstood cause of a vast array of neurologic based symptoms.  Barre-Lieou Syndrome  is named for the collective, yet independent work of Jean Alexandre Barre, M.D. who published his research in 1925 and Yong-Choen Lieou, MD who published his findings in 1928. Each doctor wrote of patients displaying

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301 Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy For Frozen shoulder – Adhesive capsulitis

Clinically we have seen many patients with various and diverse shoulder problems. One such problem is the problem of frozen shoulder. People with frozen shoulder are typically someone who had a shoulder injury or surgery that required immobilization or someone who suffers from diabetes. As we are dealing with treatments surrounding musculoskeletal repair, we will

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301 Symptoms of C1 – C7  herniation or nerve compression

In this article I would like to discuss some of the symptoms of C1 – C7  herniation or nerve compression. While this type of problem in patients can be the result of many things, this article will focus on degenerative wear and tear of the cervical spine and scoliosis. Sometimes I will see a patient

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301 Non-responsive neurologic, psychological, and cardiovascular symptoms may be a neck problem – 301

For many years doctors have speculated that a weak neck or cervical spine instability could be at the root of a long list of non-responsive neurologic, psychological, and cardiovascular symptoms. More specifically symptoms of depression, anxiety, cognitive problems and memory loss, hallucinations, fainting, the sensation of seasickness, dizziness, vertigo, hearing problems, vision problems, swallowing, digestive

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