My MRI is suggesting back surgery

As with other joint problems, I will often get emails that are simply an MRI report. The MRI tells me that the person has a disc herniation at L1 or L2 or L4 or L5. Then the report will describe varying degrees of degenerative disc disease. The email will end with “can you help?” That

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Stem Cell Therapy for sciatica like symptoms

There is a difference between a “true” sciatica and the phenomena of “pseudo sciatica,” or “fake sciatica.” If you have been diagnosed with sciatica you may have been one of the people where it took some time and a lot of tests and examinations to confirm that in fact you had sciatica or you did

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Research: Epidural steroid injection may delay surgery but not prevent surgery

Epidural steroid injections do not heal a bad back. Some researchers consider epidural steroid injections to be, at best, a very short-term painkiller that sometimes prevents a patient from getting the proper treatment for his/her back pain. The one thing that surgeons and regenerative medicine specialists agree on is the question being raised in the

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