301 Common golf hand and wrist injuries – when the club hits the ground

Most golfers will try to play through a developing, worsening chronic pain. They will do so with wrist braces of varying types, hand wraps, anti-inflammatory medications, alterations to their grip and swings. A trip to their doctor will likely get them some stronger pain relivers and anti-inflammatories and a recommendation to a physical therapist. Some

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301 Surfing and back pain: Injection treatments 301

In the patients we see and the people who contact our office for low back pain, the ones who happen to be surfers, tell us about their concerns that a suggested back surgery recommendation will keep them from surfing.  The reason to have the back surgery these surfers are told is because “everything else” has

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301 Avascular necrosis in the ankle

In this article I will focus on the problem of avascular necrosis in the ankle, mainly the talus bone in the ankle, and to suggest if stem cell therapy may be an effective treatment in helping you avoid ankle replacement or ankle fusion surgery. Many people that contact me asking about their ankle pain tell

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Treatment of melasma

Marc Darrow, MD, JD If you have Melasma, you know what it is, it is patchy brown skin discoloration that appears on your face. It is a hyperpigmentation or as it is called in the research below “Melasma is a cosmetically disfiguring disorder of facial pigmentation.” In this article, we will discuss the use of

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Is Your Knee Brace Helping?

It is difficult to convince a patient that a knee brace will not provide the comfort and support they anticipate in their situation when so many televised sporting events will show a superstar athlete with their knee wrapped in tape or ace bandage and in some instances wearing an obvious brace. However, it can be

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301 Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy For Frozen shoulder – Adhesive capsulitis

Clinically we have seen many patients with various and diverse shoulder problems. One such problem is the problem of frozen shoulder. We have had patients improve with PRP treatments for their frozen shoulder by having less pain, greater flexibility, and for some the benefit of accelerated recovery as they had been told previously by other

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301 PRP and Stem Cell Therapy for Groin pain and sports hernia

Hip and groin pain is one of the more common problems we see in athletes and may result from an acute injury or from chronic, repetitive trauma. It is responsible for significant problems of pain and mobility, which leads to time away from training and competition, and may result in a career-ending injury. The anatomic

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