Rotator cuff tear injections

We often receive emails from people looking at their rotator cuff pain and tear treatment options. The emails we get center around the possible avoidance of rotator cuff surgery with regenerative medicine injection options. These options can include stem cell therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or PRP. There is some new research I will

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Tennis shoulder treatments

Most people with shoulder pain directly attributed to tennis will suggest that it was “this one serve,” or “this one return serve,” that was the point of their injury. Then after further talking they will reveal that their shoulder has actually been the cuase of on and off discomfort for some time at that this

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Surfer’s shoulder treatment

Over the years I have seen many shoulder problems. Surfers are a particular group of interest in that many surfers have problems, not in one shoulder, but in both shoulders. While there are many articles on shoulder pain, it is surprising that there is not more specialized information available to the surfer about their shoulder

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PRP and Stem Cell Therapy for Slap Tears

Many emails that come in from this website, come from people asking about SLAP tear surgery. Some people want to know if they can avoid surgery. Some people are looking for options because they cannot get a SLAP tear surgery. Why can’t they get the surgery? Because their doctor/surgeon does not hold out good hope

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