Platelet Rich Plasma Injections for knee osteoarthritis

Understanding Platelet Rich Plasma injections for knee osteoarthritis PRP treatments involve collecting a small amount of your blood and spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the red cells. The collected platelets are then injected back into the injured area to stimulate healing and regeneration. The platelets contain healing agents, or “growth

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Weight loss can be a knee replacement alternative treatment

Weight loss can protect you from the need for a knee replacement. This should not be news to you. People who are overweight understand that their arthritis related knee problems can be made worse because of their weight. The news you are probably looking for is a way to lose that weight. In the end

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Research: Knee replacements do not help you lose weight

Many total knee replacement patients are overweight or obese. There is a thinking among many that after the knee replacement, their  physical activity levels and weight will improve. This does not appear to be true for some as research points out. In many knee replacement patients, weight loss does not occur.  This is a companion

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Golf after knee replacement

We will often receive emails from people who will say “I am 59 years old, very active. I have wear and tear damage in my knee I am being told to lay off or stop weight lifting and running. I can still play golf but it now hurts on some of the swings. My orthopedist

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Biological knee replacement – Meniscal allograft transplantation – microfracture knee surgery

Biological knee replacement or knee reconstruction is a more recent term to describe the surgical procedure of combined meniscal allograft transplantation and surgical cartilage repair. It is recommended to patients with painful, meniscus-deficient knees and full-thickness cartilage damage. In the research we will examine below, some surgeons are questioning the value of these procedures. Also

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Do Opioids Cause Knee Replacement Complications?

One of the most frequent emails we receive is one from people in pain who are waiting for a knee replacement and have a lot of pain issues. Because of the delay or wait in getting a knee replacement they have found themselves asking for and taking more medications. Research is showing us that the

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