Opioids, Spinal Cord Stimulators, and Failed Back Surgery

It may be more challenging to get a spinal surgery these days. For some people it may be even more challenging to recover from it once they do have it. In this article I hope to share with you three main thoughts from recent research. Who is at risk for failed back surgery? What happens

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Pain after spinal fusion may be from post-surgical muscle damage

Many people have successful spinal surgery. Some do not. There are many reasons why someone will have a failed spinal surgery. One reason among the many causes can be the muscle damage caused by the fusion surgery itself. Back muscle degeneration in lumbar fusion patients A team of surgeons published a paper (1) examining the

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Post-Laminectomy Syndrome

When someone contacts our office and they tell us that they have been diagnosed with Post Laminectomy Syndrome we have to get information from them that will allow us to make a realistic assessment if they are someone that stem cell therapy can help. We can help some people with Post Laminectomy Syndrome, we may

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Failed back surgery is stem cell therapy a treatment option?

We receive many emails from patients who have undergone numerous spinal procedures. These people are in continued pain and are looking for help. Because of the complexities of spinal surgery, especially in patients with numerous procedures, this question, “can stem cell therapy help me with my failed back surgery diagnosis?” must be answered following a

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