Dr. Darrow: I have always been interested in healing the body naturally. My name is Mark Darrow and I am a medical doctor. My residency training was at UCLA and I’ve been doing regenerative medicine for over 20 years I work on joints tendons ligaments everywhere on the body.

I don’t know the exact amount, but probably 25% of my patients visit me because of the failed surgery. I ask if the doctor ever touch that part of your body, your knee, your shoulder, your neck, your back, your feet, no they never touched me, why would they? They took an MRI and told me what needed to get done. A doctor cannot find a pain generator in a diagnostic film it’s not in the film it’s in the body.

The best way for me to connect with a patient and see if they’re an appropriate candidate is to have them contact me, they can call me, email the office, I need to get a relationship going with the patient to assess if they’re proper candidate personality-wise and to actually bring them into the office to touch the area and see what is really going on.

What I have here is a book I wrote called stem cell and platelet rich therapy “Regenerate don’t operate” it will teach you and it’ll teacher doctors how to help you heal without surgery.

Inside the book we have a beautiful introduction by one of my good friends, Suzanne Somers. She is an alternative medicine advocate and we are very grateful to have her on our side. Get ahold of us by calling 800-300-9300 or email me using the form below and we will send you a free copy of this book.

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