ACL reconstruction surgery and Failed ACL reconstruction surgery. Non-surgical treatment options

The problems of ACL reconstruction surgery are many. For some people, his/her doctor may recommend a non-surgical treatment. These nonsurgical treatments may include physical therapy and exercise programs to strengthen the knee and restore function. However without an ACL, there will be instability. As part of the non-surgical treatment, the physical therapist may focus on

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How accurate are MRI scans of the knee?

We get many emails from people asking us about our ability or the ability of stem cell therapy to repair their knee damage. Some of these people have had a recent MRI and a report of what the MRI recorded and what the radiologist interpreted. Some of these MRI reports are deep and comprehensive in

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The problem of a slightly loose graft after ACL reconstruction

We see many patients following an ACL reconstruction surgery who continue to feel a “certain weakness” or a “looseness” in their knee they were not expecting following the surgery and the extensive rehab program they had gone through. Prior to the ACL surgery, most were made aware that there was a chance the graft would

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