301 Do statins for cholesterol problems accelerate or worsen osteoarthritis? 301 – 8

There is a lot of controversy as to whether statin use for high cholesterol and metabolic disorders may cause accelerated or worsening osteoarthritis or protects against worsening osteoarthritis. We do see many patients who have weight challenges and cholesterol problems, among many. They have osteoarthritis and they have cholesterol problems being managed by statin use.

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301 Pain medications increase fall risk in older patients 301 – 9

During the pandemic, when access to medical care and orthopedic surgery were compromised, many people found themselves being prescribed and taking more painkillers and anti-inflammatories to manage their chronic pain. As elective surgeries were push back and delayed, more pills were given. Painkillers and anti-inflammatories medications come with many well known and well documented side

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301 Complications and failure after total ankle replacement 301

There are many people who have had very successful ankle replacement surgeries. This article is to discuss what happens when ankle replacement surgeries are not that successful and is there anything that can be done? People who reach out to our office will share a similar story. They had an ankle replacement and they still

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301 Long term painkillers – back pain 301

An August 2022 study (1) from doctors at the University of North Texas Health Science Center examined the long-term effects of opioid usage in 96 people suffering from chronic low back pain. In surveying the people of this study, the researchers found: Long-term opioid use (more than 12 months) was a predictor of worse back-specific

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301 Why do patients waiting for hip or knee replacement think physical therapy is a waste of time? Because it didn’t help.

The general rule in medicine, and certainly one that I have professed in the many years of offering non-surgical options to joint pain, is that non-surgical options or conservative care should always be tried first, and, only when these treatments fail, should surgery be explored as a final option. Typically the traditional non-surgical methods of

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301 When knee pain is worse after meniscus surgery 301

Many people that we see  in our examination rooms have had a meniscus surgery. They are seeking our help in relieving the knee pain that they continue to have following the surgery. For some the pain started immediately after surgery, for others the pain became progressively worse and as the months and years went by

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