How fast can you get back to work or sport following knee replacement? 301

How about sports? We see many active patients who are not convinced a joint replacement will help them return to their game. German researchers see the same type patients. In a study, the doctors from the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf echoed what we see here (5): “An increasing number of physically active patients not only

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301 How accurate are MRI scans of the knee?

MRI does see cartilage changes An MRI does see changes to the knee over time. A September 2022 paper (7) investigated the accuracy of MRI in identifying knee cartilage changes over time. The researchers looked at seven previously published studies of 1091 subjects, 355 were males. The results of all the studies, except one, indicated

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Biological knee replacement – Meniscal allograft transplantation – microfracture knee surgery

What is microfracture knee surgery? Knee microfracture surgery is a common arthroscopic procedure where an awl (a sharp pointed tool) is pushed into the bone where the protective knee cartilage has worn away. The small holes made by the awl are called  microfractures. The goal of this surgery is to build new cartilage. A multinational research team that includes

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Too many painkillers after sports knee surgery

As you will see in the research below, surgeons suggest that there will be a need for some type of opioid usage after arthroscopic knee surgery, whether it is meniscus surgery or knee ligament surgery. As effective as opioids can be there are obvious and well documented concerns about opioid usage. At the top of

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301 Injections for Baker’s Cyst

A Baker’s cyst can be a very confusing knee ailment for some patients. First, it has nothing to do with being a baker, but rather it was named for the surgeon who first described it, Dr. William Baker. Secondly, often it is not explained by the attending physician that the Baker’s cyst itself is not

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301 Systemic effects of cortisone injections including cartilage damage 301 – 5

There is a concern amongst doctors and patients as to the long-term use of corticosteroids in managing chronic back, neck, and joint pain. Cortisone injections can help many people, they can also provide potential harm to others. The debate over the detrimental effects of corticosteroids intensified during the COVID-19 surge as corticosteroids suppress immune response.

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Vitamin D and knee pain

Vitamin D can be an important supplement in supporting various types of knee osteoarthritis treatments. Research as outlined below suggests that vitamin D supplementation can help alleviate pain and symptoms related to degenerative knee disease. What I hope to achieve in this article is that if you have a realistic expectation of what vitamin D

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