Platelet-rich plasma for hamstring injuries

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Marc Darrow MD,JD

Someone will email an MRI of their hamstring problem. They will talk about the microtearing in the hamstring tendons and pain and soreness with certain movements and especially sitting. They have had a cortisone injection and anti-inflammatories. They have rested it and rested it and it is still not improving. Can PRP treatments help? Over the years we have seen many patients with hamstring injuries and we have helped many achieve their treatment goals. Let’s look at the research.

The hamstrings comprise a group of muscles at the back of the thigh. Among the muscle group is the semitendinosus muscle, semimembranosus muscle and the long and short head of the biceps femoris.The semitendinosus muscle, semimembranosus muscle and the long head of the biceps femoris hamstrings attach to the pelvis at the ischial tuberosity, the bony prominences sometimes referred to as “sit bones.” So named because they are the bones we do sit on. They are also often referred to as the Proximal hamstrings (the center hamstrings) because of their attachment or insertion at this “center” point.
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