301 Lumbar discectomy for Lumbar Disc Herniation

A lumbar discectomy describes a surgical procedure that removes the discs of the spine that are causing you pain and functional difficulties. The surgery can be performed as minimally invasive, smaller incision or as “open” back surgery. No surgery is “easier.” Less invasive simply means the surgical wound is not as large, the surgical procedure

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301 Do Women Have More Knee Replacement Complications? 301

Once someone has knee replacement complications or continued pain after knee replacement they usually have limited choices moving forward. One choice is to live with the knee pain as best as they can. A second choice is medications, unfortunately for some this means long-term opioid usage. Physical therapy may help in some cases. In other

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301 Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – Meniscus Tear Injections

There is a lot of research coming out that connects Platelet Rich Plasma therapy during or following the the surgical repair of a meniscus tear. At our office we try to achieve these goals of meniscus repair without the surgery. Let’s get to the research. Here is a research study from August 2019 (1). In

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301 Research: Knee replacements do not help you lose weight 301

Many total knee replacement patients are overweight or obese. There is a thinking among many that after the knee replacement, their  physical activity levels and weight will improve. This does not appear to be true for some as research points out. In many knee replacement patients, weight loss does not occur.  I recently read a

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301 Chronic Ankle Spain Treatments

In our practice we see many people with chronic ankle sprain reporting that surgery has been recommended as their only option. Why? Because chronic ankle instability is very common and unfortunately prone to re-injury or recurrent problems. Chronic Ankle Instability An estimated 40 percent of people who suffer from an ankle sprain will be left

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301 Different injections for thumb osteoarthritis

Most of the people that contact our office looking for treatment for their thumb pain have already had a long history of treatments with limited success. In fact, many will confess that their doctors are now recommending pain management (anti-inflammatories and painkillers) as their primary treatments now that splints, physical therapy, and a generous amount

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301 Low back pain treated with stem cell therapy

There are many types, causes and diagnosis of low back pain. Equally there are many types of treatments including many types of surgery. In this article I will discuss with you treatment options including the use of bone marrow aspirate concentrates or commonly bone marrow stem cell therapy for back pain. The different types of

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