301 Rotator cuff tear conservative treatments and injections 301 – 3

We often receive emails from people looking at their rotator cuff pain and tear treatment options. The emails we get center around the possible avoidance of rotator cuff surgery with regenerative medicine injection options. These options can include bone marrow aspirate injections or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or PRP. There is some new research I

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301 Anxiety and depression in chronic back pain 301

Research has recognized that the anxiety that low back pain patients suffer from was influenced by the intensity of the pain they had, the level of disability it was causing level, and the  subsequent feeling of helplessness that back pain can spiral the patient into.  These factors were summarized in a November 2022 paper (1) 

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301 Anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin and steroids may increase the chances of developing worse pain 301

Over twenty years ago, I wrote in my book the Collagen Revolution, that the body’s natural healing response is inflammation. If you stopped inflammation. You stopped healing. Therefore you needed inflammation to heal but you needed inflammation to be controlled so that excessive swelling and chronic inflammation did not in of itself cause joint degeneration.

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301 The link between inflammation, knee osteoarthritis and neuropsychiatric disease – 301 – 6

A December 2022 paper (1) discusses the accumulating evidence suggesting that mood changes are reported by about one in ten osteoarthritis patients and that inflammation has something to do with it. In this paper the authors describe that about one in five patients with osteoarthritis are diagnosed with depression and or anxiety disorder. Further, “Greater

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301 MRI inaccuracies are recommending unneeded back surgery 301 – 7

Research has shown that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for back pain remains controversial because a considerable number of patients may be classified incorrectly by MRI for lumbar disc herniation and spinal stenosis. These studies suggests that MRI may not be pointing to the correct cause of traditionally attributed back pain–herniated disc and spinal stenosis. Further,

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301 Research compares PRP injections to steroid injection for back pain

Epidural steroid injections do not heal a bad back. Some researchers consider epidural steroid injections to be, at best, a very short-term painkiller that sometimes prevents a patient from getting the proper treatment for his/her back pain. Epidural steroid injection is the most frequently performed pain procedure. It is becoming clear that epidural steroid injections

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301 Does age matter in hip replacement outcomes? – 301

I will get many emails asking simply, “Am I too old for hip replacement or your treatments?” “What age should I consider hip replacement?” “Do you think my doctor is right when he is telling me to wait for a few years to get a hip replacement?” My long standing opinion has always been, if

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