COVID-19 aftermath – an epidemic of joint replacements

I am frequently asked for opinions about COVID-19. One subject that is frequently mentioned is the possible after affects of COVID-19 recovery on joint pain or what is the impact of prolonged steroid or opioid use while waiting for surgery. This is a new field of science, long-term studies are not available yet to give

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Surfer’s shoulder treatment

Over the years I have seen many shoulder problems. Surfers are a particular group of interest in that many surfers have problems, not in one shoulder, but in both shoulders. While there are many articles on shoulder pain, it is surprising that there is not more specialized information available to the surfer about their shoulder

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Platelet Rich Plasma treatments for Rosacea

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) utilizes your own blood platelets to help create collagen and fill up sagging, loose, injured skin. PRP treatments involve collecting a small amount of your blood and spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the red cells. The collected platelets are then injected back into the areas that

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Welcome to Darrow Stem Cell Institute Video and Transcript

Dr. Darrow: I have always been interested in healing the body naturally. My name is Mark Darrow and I am a medical doctor. My residency training was at UCLA and I’ve been doing regenerative medicine for over 20 years I work on joints tendons ligaments everywhere on the body. I don’t know the exact amount,

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The research on Umbilical cord derived tissue in musculoskeletal disorders

Throughout this website you read about our clinical observations surrounding the use of bone marrow derived stem cells in the treatment of degenerative joint, tendon, ligament, and spine disease. We are often asked to compare different types of tissues in treatments. In this article I will focus on umbilical cord derived tissue products. A study

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Surfer’s Ankle – Unstable and stiff ankle

Usually a surfer that suffers from an ankle injury or chronic ankle pain will go online and start looking for exercise tips, a really good ankle brace, or any other means to help them with either a loose ankle or an ankle that is too stiff. A surfer will then seek out medical attention when

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Common golf hand and wrist injuries – when the club hits the ground

Most golfers will try to play through a developing, worsening chronic pain. They will do so with wrist braces of varying types, hand wraps, anti-inflammatory medications, alterations to their grip and swings. A trip to their doctor will likely get them some stronger pain relivers and anti-inflammatories and a recommendation to a physical therapist. Some

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What is the difference between PRP therapy and Regenokine?

In Germany there is a medical procedure called Orthokine in which anti-inflammatory factors are removed from the patient’s blood, manipulated, and then re-injected into the painful areas. It is an anti-inflammatory treatment used to suppress back and joint pain. By admission of its proponents it is only an anti-inflammatory and not a healing remedy. In the United States it is called Regenokine and

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Caloric restriction and fasting: Do they have a positive effect on joint pain

One of the most fascinating subjects in health is caloric restriction and fasting, since both have been shown to promote healing, health, and longevity. Short-term caloric restriction suppressed oxidative stress and improved cardiac function.(1) Caloric restriction increases the level of the hormone DHEA (short for dehydroepiandrosterone) in muscle and blood, suggesting that DHEA might partially

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