Is Your Knee Brace Helping?

It is difficult to convince a patient that a knee brace will not provide the comfort and support they anticipate in their situation when so many televised sporting events will show a superstar athlete with their knee wrapped in tape or ace bandage and in some instances wearing an obvious brace. However, it can be

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How long do stem cell treatments last?

When a patient comes into our office and we have made a realistic determination that they are a bone marrow derived stem cell candidate, the patient will often ask, “How long does the  treatment last?” Most times I will have a good idea why they are asking the question. The reason is because nothing they

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Traumeel injection information

In his 2011 paper published in the International journal of general medicine, (1) Christian Schneider, MD, Ph.D., explains Traumeel injections as an alternative to Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medicines. He describes the treatment in this way. “Traumeel is a fixed combination of diluted plant and mineral extracts. It has been available over the counter in Germany for over

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