301 Hip Tendonitis Injections

People who have tendonitis or bursitis typically are told that they have a problem of inflammation. That is why they have an “itis,” itis meaning inflammation. When they have tendonitis they have inflammation of the tendon. When they have Bursitis, they have inflammation of the bursa. Over the years they have practiced the various remedies

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301 Bone on bone hip and alteratives to hip replacement surgery

Active, sports minded people being sent to hip replacement without suggestion of non-surgical options are finding options on their own. What I present here are not statistics but what people are telling us in the office. It is in agreement from what research tells us, people are being sent to hip replacement with no other

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Injection therapy alternatives to hip labrum arthroscopic surgery

We are getting many emails from people who are waiting for a hip arthroscopic surgery or trying to find other solutions. They have a lot of pain, mostly a dull nuisance type pain that climbs in intensity when they try to do sports or sometimes while simply walking. Many have a hip that clicks, locks,

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Tennis Knee and Tennis Hip

Many tennis players take lessons on how to improve their open forehand stance and generate power on the return. As research has shown the open stance forehand is a pretty traumatic service and it can significantly impact the knee and hip. Over time the open forehand stroke can be a contributing factor in the development

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How long do stem cell treatments last?

When a patient comes into our office and we have made a realistic determination that they are a bone marrow derived stem cell candidate, the patient will often ask, “How long does the  treatment last?” Most times I will have a good idea why they are asking the question. The reason is because nothing they

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Hip Resurfacing. Is stem cell therapy a realistic option?

Many times a patient will come into our office with a stack of MRIs, a post-surgical report, and a promise that they were told that they could resume their running after a hip resurfacing procedure. Unfortunately for them, the surgery did not meet their expectations. Recently published research in the American Journal of Sports Medicine,

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