Low back pain in golfers

There are many research articles surrounding low back pain and the golfer. Many studies suggest many causes and theories as to what can be causing the low back pain many golfers suffer from. In this article I want to draw attention to research that suggests a more rare or lesser known cause of your golfer’s

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Surfing and back pain: Injection treatments

In the patients we see and the people who contact our office for low back pain, the ones who happen to be surfers, tell us about their concerns that a suggested back surgery recommendation will keep them from surfing.  The reason to have the back surgery these surfers are told is because “everything else” has

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Golf and Spinal Fusion Surgery | Tiger Woods

I am an avid golfer. People who are my patients understand my great passion for this game. Many of these people are my patients because of a back pain problem that is impacting their ability to play golf. In April 2019, Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest golfer of all time, won the Pro Golfers Tour

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