301 PRP for Acne Scars

We are often asked, “Can you help with acne scars?” For many the answer is yes. We have seen many patients over the years with various levels and degrees of acne scaring who have benefitted from our PRP treatments. What are our PRP treatments and how do they work? First, I want to provide some

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Golf and Spinal Fusion Surgery | Tiger Woods

I am an avid golfer. People who are my patients understand my great passion for this game. Many of these people are my patients because of a back pain problem that is impacting their ability to play golf. In April 2019, Tiger Woods, arguably the greatest golfer of all time, won the Pro Golfers Tour

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Hip Resurfacing. Is stem cell therapy a realistic option?

Many times a patient will come into our office with a stack of MRIs, a post-surgical report, and a promise that they were told that they could resume their running after a hip resurfacing procedure. Unfortunately for them, the surgery did not meet their expectations. Recently published research in the American Journal of Sports Medicine,

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What is the difference between PRP therapy and Regenokine?

In Germany there is a medical procedure called Orthokine in which anti-inflammatory factors are removed from the patient’s blood, manipulated, and then re-injected into the painful areas. It is an anti-inflammatory treatment used to suppress back and joint pain. By admission of its proponents it is only an anti-inflammatory and not a healing remedy. In the United States it is called Regenokine and

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301 Injections for neck pain related migraines 301

Over the years we have seen many patients with problems and challenges related to migraine headaches. Of course the biggest challenge these new patients are facing was finding good, effective, long-term relief. Headache is a very complex subject. Headaches can be caused by many things. In my article here we will concentrate on the musculoskeletal

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Published Research

Published research in the medical literature from the Darrow Stem Cell Institute The Darrow Stem Cell Institute has published research on the treatment of shoulder osteoarthritis and rotator cuff tears with bone marrow derived stem cells. The research appears in the peer-reviewed journal Cogent Medicine. The study can be found here in its entirety: Treatment of

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301 Caloric restriction and fasting: Do they have a positive effect on joint pain

One of the most fascinating subjects in health is caloric restriction and fasting, since both have been shown to promote healing, health, and longevity. Short-term caloric restriction suppressed oxidative stress and improved cardiac function.(1) Caloric restriction increases the level of the hormone DHEA (short for dehydroepiandrosterone) in muscle and blood, suggesting that DHEA might partially

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Traumeel injection information

In his 2011 paper published in the International journal of general medicine, (1) Christian Schneider, MD, Ph.D., explains Traumeel injections as an alternative to Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medicines. He describes the treatment in this way. “Traumeel is a fixed combination of diluted plant and mineral extracts. It has been available over the counter in Germany for over

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